About Medicine Farm


Medicine Farm began as a medical cannabis production operation, dedicated to providing the highest quality medical marijuana exclusively to conservative era compassion centres in Victoria and Vancouver.
Since 2002, we’ve served the wholistic health and well-being of volunteers, visitors, and our communities. We produce local, pristine and beyond organic fresh food which sustains our Ideal and allows Medicine Farm to perform as an outreach platform and venue.
We are and have always been dedicated to supplying reliable, clean and safe herbal medicines to those in need. This work has “Medi-Morphed” Medicine Farm into a wholistic education and healing center hosting nearly 5,000 volunteers, apprentices and visitors along their path of healing.
Medicine Farm has evolved into an important human potential Well-Being Center.
We wish to continue expanding.
The dream is to create a secure venue and curriculum to heal, expand consciousness, inspire and support others on their path. Our service in bettering the world.
Medicine Farms Ideal and Foundation is helping others help themselves. We believe Medicine Farm is both a manifestation and gift provided to humanity for Selfless Service work within the expression of this Ideal.
Meet the people

United by a desire to serve and support those who are helping to make the world a better place, we are working collaboratively to insure the magical experience that our guests have come to know and love.

Dougie Brooker is a Coast local, 20+ year 4-season rainforest market-gardener, pioneer, innovator and founder of Medicine Farm. Dougie is a highly experienced plant person who hands-on understands costal food production systems from soil health to harvest, crop irrigation system design and installation, management, use and maintenance, off-grid electrical lighting, plumbing and heating systems, and greenhouse growing. A 20+ year off-grid vegetarian, Dougie always hopes to provide the highest quality pristine fresh food and herbs to those who wish to have them and be there any way he can for others in need of his help.
Cody Smith is Island born bread and buttered, an experienced coastal 4-season market gardener. He knows fish, wild harvesting, wildcrafting, coastal vegetables, herb cropping and is a research expert who loves books. His overlapping multi-faceted down home working knowledge and passion for fresh flavourful food are elevated with an interest in crop flavours, fermentation and value added fermented and preserved delicacies to share with all on Medicine Farm. We’re grateful Cody has lived on-site and off-grid with us for about 5 years now.
Chloé is a mainland local. Her love for growing food started when she was a small child helping her mum in the garden, and continued on in small gardens until she tried out organic farming for five months in Costa Rica in 2016. Returning to BC she wanted to learn more about year-round farming and plant medicine in the PNW and find a richer way to live outside ‘the system’, and thus found the Medicine Farm. Her passion for gardening and love for the forest means she has spent a lot of time outside with wild and cultivated plants alike. You can find her baking, jammin’, coordinating volunteers, practicing yoga, playing with the dogs, and usually covered in mud from her head to her feet.
Daniel comes from Venezuela and has had a long path before coming to BC. His journey led him to discover his life passion: food. After the course of his studies and working in France, Montreal and Toronto, he graduated as a Professional Chef specializing in French Gastronomic Cuisine. However, he knew something was missing: he felt the need to share more of his passion around him using fresh and organic products. Destiny brought him to the perfect place, Medicine Farm, where creativity, passion and freedom are the only words for guidance in his life.